Wendy Blick

I am interested in human behavior. I believe that people usually have reasons for their actions and choices. I have found some insight into the human psyche by researching psychologist Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Theory. Maslow theorizes that human self-actualization occurs as a person first satisfies basic physical needs, then more complex emotional needs, driven, one need after another, step-by-step up the hierarchical ladder. Maslow’s theory helped shape the theme and construction of my current surrealist works.

The Surrealists sought to access the power of their imaginations by delving into their unconscious thoughts. I have always admired the creativity of the Surrealists’ works. I often fall asleep thinking of a visual I am working on and wake up with some crazy creative solution to my image. My current works feel like a modern-day extension of the Surrealist movement.

My communication strategy has also been influenced by early political cartoonists. They often-used animals or other likable characters to make a political comment on pressing issues of their times. I have adopted this genre to take the edge off of the complicated social and environmental issues I am asking the viewer to consider. I am hoping to create a new and exciting way of thinking about our modern earthly problems. My work addresses our sense of place and space, feelings of scarcity, lack of or access to resources, the misuse and overuse of resources-- and hopefully offer us a small window of hope.