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Wendy Blickenstaff

Wendy Blickenstaff looks for moments and for scenes in the landscape that capture what she feels when she’s painting outdoors: the peace of spending unhurried time near a mountain river, the serenity of a meadow, or the beauty and excitement of a waterfall.

Wendy has painted in various styles and media, but in the last few years she has focused on painting Western landscapes in oils and acrylics.  She wants her paintings to recreate the experience of being in the landscape.

“When I go out into nature and paint, it’s so peaceful and beautiful,” Wendy said. “My goal is to try to capture some of that beauty and enjoyment in the picture.”

Wendy’s paintings reflect a childhood spent exploring the western landscape of central Idaho, where she grew up. Many of her works show the rivers that pass through the high mountain desert.

“Rivers are complicated and challenging to paint, and they’re always interesting,” Wendy said. “There’s something elemental about water moving through the landscape, nourishing the land.”


My pieces are on display at Brown's Gallery in Boise, Idaho.

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Brown's Gallery
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